PCI Express 2.0 Officially Revealed

@ 2007/01/16
PCI-SIG, the special interest group responsible for PCI Express industry-standard I/O technology, said that the final version of 2.0 specification is available. The improved input/output technology provides higher bandwidth as well as some other features required by the upcoming generations of hardware.

“In today’s world, applications are becoming more advanced and are requiring more bandwidth. This is the perfect time to release PCIe 2.0, which not only supports high-bandwidth applications such as high-end graphics, but also adds many new architectural enhancements,” said Al Yanes, PCI-SIG chairman and president.

Comment from jmke @ 2007/01/17
yes it's backward compatible
Comment from Rutar @ 2007/01/17
Is it at least upwards/backward compatible?
Comment from SuAside @ 2007/01/17
kinda like AGP 4x & AGP 8x back in the old days. when initially presented, it wasn't really needed.

either way, it's better to plan ahead jmke, expecially when it comes for bandwidth on the bus.
Comment from jmke @ 2007/01/16
There is no performance difference for GFX between 8x SLI and 16x SLI, there is none 16x vs 32x, why exactly do we need higher bandwidth?