asetek Waterchill Xternal Kit

@ 2006/12/27
I was a watercooling neophyte and somewhat fearful, so I started out by reading how-to’s and tutorials on watercooling and then reviews on watercooling related products such as waterblocks or watercooling kits. After I got a feel for the basics of watercooling and what it’s all about, I began to frequent some of the hardware forums on the Internet. As my reading continued and I digested the various thoughts and opinions on watercooling techniques and equipment, my own conclusions were formulating.

Since my current motherboard uses a heatpipe on the chipset, I decided that the cooling solution provided by Asus was sufficient. And since my XFX video card’s warranty would become null and void if I modified it by adding a gpu waterblock, I decided that its cooling solution on it was sufficient as well. Finally, keeping in mind that I am lazy and that my primary goal was to cool the CPU that had become unbearably hot, I decided that an external watercooling kit was the best solution for me and that of all of the external kits, the asetek Waterchill Xternal kit would be the one that earned my hard earned dollars.

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