Swiftech MCX462-V Released

@ 2003/09/07
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Comment from Liquid3D @ 2003/09/14
You guys are crazy, BUT if that's what I have to do, I guess I'll just have to do it/her, whatever.

I'd share mine but she'll talk you into a Mental Hospital, after she uses ALL the hotwater, watches every DVD you have, and smokes anything which remotely resembles having THC in it. AND you better have your freezer filled with Ben & Jerry's or Hagen Daaz cause she can eat too. But of course, she doesn't gain a gram. Whereas when I eat a pint of Ben & Jerry's I look like I swallowed a Bowling Ball.

Comment from jmke @ 2003/09/14
would love to Liquid3D, but for the moment I wouldn't know where to "house" you
since I'm not my own (yet )

@Calantak: I live close to your gf, just let her call me when she needs "it" :grr:

Comment from calantak @ 2003/09/13
if I'd have my appartment built allready, I'd invite you anyday, there would be just one thing you'd have to do, and that would be to have sex with my girlfriend every now and then, coz I can't keep up with her
Comment from Liquid3D @ 2003/09/13
can I come to Antwerp? I want to get out of the States for awhile. I could live in a fairly small room. Would $600 per month US be enough to live off of? I'll bring both my Prommie's, and all my 2.4C's, and 2.8C. and my cards and memory, and I have about 6 nice ski-jackets, three NorthFace you can three of them, and one Prommie, and one 2.4C, some memory a Antrec 480W PSU, and I'll give you $200 monthly for rent, and live off a $100 per week? Can I pack my bags today?

Oh I don't talk unless someone really wants to, I'm quiet as a Church mouse, and neat as a pin.
Comment from jmke @ 2003/09/13
This PIC is from Jan. 2002
my test system with a PAL8045

notice the 60mm black delta ?
more info: http://www.madshrimps.be/upload/jmke/PC/newsys.php
Comment from Liquid3D @ 2003/09/12
Yes i must concur with that observsation, It's obviously built to accomodate a 92mm fam (maybe it's 80mm?) regardless, a cowl would have the airflow unidirectional.

However; this is my theory on this. Just as the SLK-947-U has the fan overlapping the sides (hehe I said lapping) that air-flow is having a very positive effect on the motherboard. Oh yes that's what I said, "the motherboard." Don't think for one moment that they don't want airflow around the cpu, and onto the NB, half the motherboards have passive heatsinks. After all, if you cool the area around the base of the CPU as well as the CPU your going to have better effects. There's a very small gap which exists just around the sides of the core. Since the plate prohibits airflow directly from above, the only way to release that air pressure, heat that's building down there is to have some circulation. Don't beleive me. try running your motherboard, and placing a fan blowing sideways at the base of the heatsink in addition to your regular cooling. Any little case fan. Juts dimount it and place it at the bottom of the heatsink blowinf across the surface of the mobo. Now tell me if your temps don't drop about 3C to 4C.

You don't really think it's just us whom have recognized the absence of a cowl? Even the UPS driver probably said "Hey where's the Cowl on these?" It doesn't take a Rocket Scientist to figure this out, although were as close to them as you get. At least in brainstorming in attempts to extract every once of performance from our PC's.

Now pack up that heatsink and send it right over.
Comment from Tum0r @ 2003/09/08
lately im not so proud of my alpha anymore, its getting old :grum:

looks like its made for a 92mm fan
(they should have made somthing that would fix the deadzone of a fan)
Comment from calantak @ 2003/09/08
Comment from TerAngreal @ 2003/09/08
...but i'd still like to test one
Comment from RichBa5tard @ 2003/09/07
wooa, nice

A pity swiftech heatsinks are way too expensive to be worth it's price.
Comment from jmke @ 2003/09/07
higher res :