Upcoming Intel’s Price Splash: 40% Price Cut to Core 2

@ 2006/12/18
In the past, AMD once won the performance battle with Intel by its innovative and excellent processor micro-architecture, and then Intel got back the leadership by the introduction of its new Core architecture. From this history, instead of clock speed and FSB, we know micro-architecture really does matter to the performance race. With improved micro-architecture, AMD will release its next-generation AM2+ processor in Q3 2007, trying to make a fight with Intel Core 2. Due to this reason, Intel just released the company’s plan on Core 2’s price cut to maximize its combat efficiency in the battle, in which Intel Core 2 Quad has a noticeably price cut of 40%.
Comment from Rutar @ 2006/12/18
OEMs don't care much about the chipset as long as it runs, or why do you think SIS still exists
Comment from thorgal @ 2006/12/18
This price cut might still be 6 months away... so many things can happen in 6 months
Comment from Sidney @ 2006/12/18
Only to follow with lower 965/975 chipset pricings would OEM machine price be competitive with AMD being sold by Dell, HP and Lenova. Overclockers aren't enough to make any impact on sales.