Quad FX's power cost is insignificant to me

@ 2006/12/13
Two FX74 means that at the end of the month with 750W or 1KW PSU you might have to pay a bit more for your power bill. But here is the ultimate answer to those guys.

If you want to cut the power bill that 4x4 or Quad FX is not for you and you should not get the Core 2 Quad either. You need a laptop with a battery charger to save some $5 at the end of the month. If you want a full-scale machine with two G80 cards inside bunch of drivers, DVDs inside then you need to pay for the juice.

Comment from jmke @ 2006/12/13
I think he misses the point that you can get a faster Intel machine that will cost less to run...and that comparo with the cars... uhm.. Intel Quad is a Yaris?