Thermaltake Toughpower 850w Modular Power Supply

@ 2006/12/11
"With the Toughpower 850W PSU, Thermaltake is targeting the very top of the enthusiast/gamer market. Four very strong +12V rails and native support for four graphics cards and eight SATA drives is certainly not the norm and will almost surely be embraced by its eager, albeit small, target market. The 850W PSU should prove to be a worthy addition to the very competent Toughpower line."

Comment from EsaT @ 2006/12/11
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JG gives the 750W a 9
Well, voltage regulation was very good but when it comes to output power...

During test 6, the power supply would continuously shut down after about 1 minute of use.
So advertised 12V output isn't true... and that was 40W under claimed total output power. In hot box shutdown happened immediately.
Also 12V ripple, while still under ATX specification, was very mediocre compared to other reviewed PSUs.

In normal use those won't really matter but considering price and advertising as top quality PSU that's failure.
Comment from jmke @ 2006/12/11
JG gives the 750W a 9
Comment from EsaT @ 2006/12/11
Not again!
Value of that review in telling real quality of PSU is near absolute zero, at least using 8800GTX SLI would have been minimum requirement, now peak consumption of that test PC was barely 250W!!!

"quality components"... I guess wrapping things to plastic qualifies as higher quality... primary capacitor is only 390uF which is very small!
In fact it's same size as in 750W model, which doesn't live up to its PR rating. Even 12V output is nearly same. (100W higher PR rating, 24W higher 12V output)