Gaming With The Killer NIC

@ 2006/12/09
[H] Enthusiast took real gamers and put them through a blind taste test with the Killer NIC versus a standard network card. The goal was to see if gamers could really feel the performance benefit of the Killer NIC where it counted the the games they played.
Comment from jmke @ 2006/12/09
it has some advantages, but costs way too much
Comment from EsaT @ 2006/12/09
There's few very big problems in claims around that.

Ping inside LAN is always in class of one/few ms unless pipes of both devices are flooded with packets, like P2P/network worm/spambot traffic. So could anyone explain me how you can decrease that ping claimed amount?

And again in case of playing through internet huge majority of ping comes from elsewhere than LAN and to that ping NIC can affect equally much as rowing boat can stop CVN.

Bigfoot allowed us to barge into their offices on a beautiful Saturday morning with real gamers in tow...
Great detective work, Sherlock!

Summa summarum... could someone take that stinking pile of marketing BushSh*t where it belongs?
Comment from Rutar @ 2006/12/09
BF2142 would be a good test program as it uses a lot of bandwith.