Wiimote attacks TV weak point for massive damage

@ 2006/12/06
I wanted to know if that Wiimote really ended up stuck in the TV, or whether it had cracked the casing and the hole was made to improve the photo cred. Dave responds from West Virginia, USA:

“It did indeed end up stuck in the hole. Tyler is right handed but usually bowls putting a clockwise spin on the wiimote, this time he put a counterclockwise spin on it… lesson learned? Stick with what works in the first place! The great part is we pulled it out, laughed some more, replaced the batteries and backplate then continued to play (only in a milder manner this time around). We’re trying to figure out how to make a comfortable/stronger strap right now.”

Comment from wutske @ 2006/12/07
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Aah, I tought he was going to smash his TV .
Comment from jmke @ 2006/12/07
Comment from goingpostale1 @ 2006/12/06
Sure it wasn't a "Giant enemy crab" ?
Comment from Rutar @ 2006/12/06
Houston, we need a better wrist strap