380gb Sata Raid-0

@ 2003/08/24
I don't know why one would store 380GB on an unreliable (raid 0) media,
moehaahah, said the person who once bought a RAID controller, told me he will be using it to put his drives in RAID 0. Ignoring my good advice of not doing that if he is going to put valuable data on it.. and then 2 days later seeing a post of him cursing that his RAID array has failed and that he has lost all his data

got me 2x120gb on a RAID controller in RAID 1 here, all my important documents and files are stored on there

ps: formatting 380gb in XP would take about 1-2 hours (not fast format, can't use that for benching now, as the fast format option will format the drive right before data is going to be written to an unformatted part of the drive.. if you chose fast format & then run your benchmarks it will have a negative impact on the endresults)

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