Tagan Turbo Jet 1100W Power Supply

@ 2006/11/10
With 1,100W of power, and 20A to each of the four 12V rails, you can be sure that you will have plenty of power for a long time. The Tagan Turbo Jet 1100W TG1100-U95 power supply has everything you can ask for... long cables, a sufficient number of connectors, stable power, and four PCI-E connectors.
Comment from Kougar @ 2006/11/10
Only four PCI-E connectors?!? That's only enough for two 8800GTX's in SLI... Don't they know I gotta have two more for my third 8800GTX to run physics/folding@home with?? I swear, they skimp on everything they can nowadays...
Comment from The Senile Doctor @ 2006/11/10
1100W... what the heck...