More nVIDIA G80 flavours to come?

@ 2006/11/08
The GeForce 8800 powerhouse was announced earlier today with much fanfare, but it appears as more products are already in the pipeline. According to internal NVIDIA roadmaps released yesterday, the company is expecting at least one more G80 derivative in February of 2007.
Comment from jmke @ 2006/11/08
it's horrible; but logic

too bad ATI and NVIDIA are now almost sharing the exact same naming scheme :/
Comment from geoffrey @ 2006/11/08
8800 GTO

Comment from jmke @ 2006/11/08
I'm betting it will be called 8800 Pro;

8800 GTS <> Geforce 2 GTS
8800 Pro <> Geforce 2 Pro
8800 GTX <> Geforce 2 Ultra

what do you think?