Running Windows Vista on older hardware

@ 2006/11/08
A little over four months ago we took a look at Windows Vista Beta 2. At the time, we received a number of comments about the lack of performance some readers were experiencing with Vista in comparison to what we were reflecting in our review. Admittedly, we tested Vista Beta 2 on young, fresh hardware in comparison to what many people out in the real world could be using. Now we want to find out how well older hardware handles Vista.

To round out the picture, we've spent some time with Vista RC2 on three different PCs. Our methodology can be briefly summarized as this: we found a mix of old hardware, subjected it to build 5600 and then 5744, and observed. No computers were harmed in our testing process, but a couple were almost thrown out the window.
Comment from Rutar @ 2006/11/08
of course, but who said I'm a vista friend
Comment from jmke @ 2006/11/08
and 2gb for an office PC is too expensive; urge to use Ubuntu rising

or just sticking with XP will do fine for office PC too
Comment from Rutar @ 2006/11/08
I am saying, most old PCs don't even have 512MB and most CURRENT pcs sold have only 512 but you need 2 GB for a good expierence.
Comment from jmke @ 2006/11/08
one machine had 512Mb... Vista didn't run well at all... reflects current PCs now fine, no?

# Gateway 1200
# Athlon 1.2 GHz
# 512MB PC133 RAM
# 20GB UDMA-100 hard drive
Comment from Rutar @ 2006/11/08
the amount of memory their machines had doesn't reflect AT ALL current PCs sold (which have 512MB as standard now because of the high memory prices, 1 GB is rather rare)