Interview with ATi´s Andrew Dodds on Folding at Home

@ 2006/11/07
Since the launch of the Radeon X1800 we knew that our hardware was capable of doing more than just rendering graphics (we actually started working with Stanford’s Folding@Home project before we even launched the Radeon X1800). We knew that any application that required significant parallel processing would greatly benefit from ATI’s powerful GPUs. So we started talking with Stanford, and both parties thought it would be a great application to accelerate with the GPU – and of course it’s a very noble cause.
Comment from Kougar @ 2006/11/07
Good interview! I was wondering about those warranty/100% 24/7 use questions myself... it's nice to know they're pretty confident on the subject.

I shudder to imagine what two R600's in Crossfire running under DX10 in Vista might possibly bring. Especially with a little of that hinted 150-200% improvement on current GPUs just from optimizations...