NVIDIA G80 reference design done by Asus

@ 2006/10/26
USUALLY MSI does reference designs for Nvidia cards. But we are surprised to learn that Asus came a long way and has created the reference system for Nvidia this time round.
Comment from un1ty @ 2006/10/27
It's something i'd like to call 'easy money'
you dont have to advertise, saving money, and still you will sell a sh*tload of coolers :X
Comment from jmke @ 2006/10/27
that's a pretty lucrative deal for Coolermaster
Comment from un1ty @ 2006/10/27
Again one, maybe even more important, thing is forgotten.
The layout of the PCB is done by Asus,
but the reference cooler is made by Coolermaster (as usual).

Source: http://www.coolermaster.nl/mail/061024/ (dutch)