Silverstone releases new high end PC Chassis - SST-TJ09

@ 2006/10/26
The Temjin TJ09 is the first SilverStone chassis designed with graphics card cooling as one of the priorities. To meet this challenge, a brand new mid-section air duct was created to bypass the hard drive cage, allowing the strategically placed 120mm to draw cool air from outside of the chassis and blow it directly onto the expansion slot area. CPU and hard drives are also cooled exclusively by 120mm fans to maximize airflow while reducing noise. Covered in styling reminiscent of beautiful chassis of years past, the TJ 09' s advanced structure is second in stiffness only to the unibody designed TJ07. If you have been waiting for a chassis with plenty of technical and aesthetic excellence worthy of an upgrade, then the TJ09 is the one..


** Premium all-aluminum chassis for extended ATX, ATX, SSI motherboards
** 120mm fan only design for ultimate performance & quietness
** Unprecedented air duct dedicated for graphics card cooling
** Advanced structural engineering with superior chassis stiffness
** User friendly layout with multiple tool-less access
** Classic SilverStone styling and finish

The recommended end user price is €260,00
Comment from The Senile Doctor @ 2006/10/29
I like that pc6070b too, I have one in my medical practice, also runs with one 80mm, and passive gpu, and is VERY silent. gamerig is sth else however, noise is less of a problem
Comment from uni1313 @ 2006/10/27
Originally posted by The Senile Doctor
specially in alucolor
The only problem with it is that silverstone has no alu fronts which you can use to hide the dvd drives. And as it has no door I think the black version would be the only option for me.

For the moment I still have my Lian Li PC 6070 but the only problem with that case is the bad airflow and lack of 120 mm fans. It runs here with 1 80 mm fan, zalman 9500, and passive psu and graka. I love the door though.
Comment from The Senile Doctor @ 2006/10/26
specially in alucolor
Comment from thorgal @ 2006/10/26
I like it a lot !

I think you could even put a double radiator in the top section, the mounting for double 120mm fans is already provided. Nice !