Bladerunners homemade waterblock

@ 2003/08/02
OMFG. This is one of the coolest CPU block designs i've ever seen.

Whether it performs well is another question.
Comment from wasky @ 2003/09/22
very very good work, for me bladerunners WB is a sculpture
i have this machine and for me is simply repeat your job i can ?
thank you wasky

Comment from BladeRunner @ 2003/08/04
The mill appears to go under a lot of different names in various parts of the world, Mine was a Sip 30, But Enco & Rong Fu are others that appear the same as is one Machine Mart sell.

Was given this link the other day where some one has made the Enco version mill into a CNC. A lot of work but nice results, check it out Here to get a movie of it in action go Here.

The Push fits are made By Festo, and sourced locally, I've also used some made by Norgren, but there are many other makes.
Comment from The Entity @ 2003/08/04
it's very nice done
the watercooled psu is also very nice

btw bladerunner, do you maybe make those coolingblocks on demand?
Comment from vegeta @ 2003/08/04
the mill machine looks very nifty
but where do you get al those barbs, the "innovatec-style" ones ?
Comment from BladeRunner @ 2003/08/04
I'm keeping all the one offs I make for the moment, but will hopefully be trying to make some limited production coolers in the future. Looking into the best ways to make them as true to my one offs as possible for others to buy.

No CNC at the min, but I want one. I'm using a basic but good hand wheel mill for the major machining, the finishing is done by hand with files, silicon carbide paper, T-cut polish, elbow grease etc. Details of the mill and finishing process are in the articles on my site
Comment from vegeta @ 2003/08/04
bladerunner are u selling your old blocks
btw: do u have a cnc machine @ home
Comment from CCW @ 2003/08/03
Nice, thanks for that, nice block
Comment from BladeRunner @ 2003/08/03
Not sure how useful this type of information really is, as it's open to all manor of possible reporting errors etc, but I'll give you the here & now.

CPU = XP 2500 Barton @ 2400mhz 1.95v

PC room ambient = 30.0C

Rad ambient = 25.5C (mounted in a cooler place with desk fan now blowing at it on low setting).

PC Inflow Water temp = 27.2C / PC Outflow water temp = 28.0C

CPU temp = 35C underload reported in MBM5, using socket diode with it bent to better contact the backside of the CPU, along with thermal paste on the tip
Comment from CCW @ 2003/08/03
What temp does that block keep your processor at please and at what voltage and speed?

Comment from BladeRunner @ 2003/08/03
In my set-up the CPU block adds less than 0.5C to the water-temp in one pass, so the fact the other, (less import), blocks get output from the CPU block will make no noticeable difference as far as I can see.

sometimes I get fed up with it when there is some problems or I make mistakes reconnecting it but mostly I enjoy fiddling with it all. With the way I run the tubes and the thinner fetso fittings on all other system blocks, I can always get the VGA card out of the slot and far enough away from the PC so i can fit another, (with standard cooling), if need be without having to disconnect the water system.

Up till two days ago I've been using a 100 litre tank mounted 8 foot underground, (a schematic HERE with more about it on my site via the stealth cooling link), and it gives about 12C to 16C coolant temps depending on time of year. However an imminent house move means for now I'm using a very big rad, (with no fan atm), more on that HERE
Comment from RichBa5tard @ 2003/08/03

Welcome to our forum, Bladerunner.

Your schematic shows a great way to divide the relativly cold water from the cpu in 4 to the other parts of your system. Great job!

One question: do you never get tired of working hours to just switch one broken/outdated (eh, 2 months old) component? I'm selling my H²O setup, because testing another videocard/mb/cpu ment draining the fluid, detaching tubes, ... Maybe when i've got plenty space & time again i'll start h²o cooling again. It's been a great experience...

- edit -
None of your pics show a rad, how do you cool your fluid?
Comment from BladeRunner @ 2003/08/03
Got this topic in my server stats

The splitter-X seems to perform well enough in my system. I have no comparison data other than against the modified Maze type block I was using before, (details on my site). The Splitter-X is around 3C to 4C better under full load, but strangely 1C worse at idle. The much increased flow is helping I guess.

The system is a little tidier now as the splitter manifold "hanging" was a temporary feature due to some blocks having 6mm Festo. I've now moved everything to 8mm festo so as the below pic shows it's a bit less of a tube fest.

It won't really be as tidy as I want until I build it into a fully custom PC case. There are of course other items water-cooled that and not in the image. (HDD & PSU). Here's a schematic of the system:-

Comment from CCW @ 2003/08/03
Seen that, and his Northbridge blocks. About the only thing hes not calling with water is his SouthBridge.

Comment from TeuS @ 2003/08/03
Comment from CCW @ 2003/08/02
That guy is amazing, he lives near me too.

That rig is awesome though.

Comment from The_Loserkid @ 2003/08/02
bit hectic with all the tubes etc ?
Comment from vegeta @ 2003/08/02
OMFG look at those hoses
he even has his mosfets wc'ed
Comment from The_Loserkid @ 2003/08/02
rich, YGPM
post plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Comment from The_Loserkid @ 2003/08/02
dunno bout the performance either but it just looks KICKASS !
Comment from RichBa5tard @ 2003/08/02