Sapphire Pure Crossfire AM2 motherboard

@ 2006/10/24
So, I flashed it. And once flashed, the overclocking went much, much smoother. But there was a hitch involved. For some reason, the board didn't seem to like those 4-4-4-12 memory timings we had set in the beginning. So, to get it running we reset the memory to 5-5-5-18, and that seemed to work wonders. In the end, our final score came out to be a 524.8 x 2MHz memory speed, for a total of 1049.6MHz memory. As for the processor itself, with the help of a BIOS update, lower memory timings, and a lot of hope, we managed a decent overclock. With an 8x CPU multiplier tied to a 333MHz bus, our final rating of 2,664MHz ( 2.6Ghz) wasn't half bad. But it obviously wasn't that good either.

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