10 mobos with the nForce2 Ultra400

@ 2003/07/24
Page4 below image "The cooler for the MCP-T is another interesting feature: it looks important, but is of no use at all."

Did he actually try these boards, the SB gets bloody HOT.
I definitly advise cooling there. Off course if they pasted it with some frag tape that barely makes contact .....
Comment from the maniak @ 2003/07/24
I never read the reviews on Tomshardware because they suck.
Comment from Vorda @ 2003/07/24
pfff, tom is being paid, the conclusions always suck. But he can review so many things
Comment from FreeStyler @ 2003/07/24
and another mistake, in the epox 8RDA3+ overview:
"In place of the controller in the MCP-T, a separate, full-blown FireWire chip from Agére is used (FW323). This offers three ports instead of just two"

Off course the 8RDA3+ unlike his "smaller" brother uses the MCP chipset. And I though the MCP-T chipset had the advantage compared to an onboard PCI device. not the other way around.