GeForce 7950 GS

@ 2006/09/26
We have just received a word from a video card manufacturer. Speaking off the record, the source claims that Nvidia is working on a GeForce 7950 GS. The details are still blurry at this moment due to the premature revelation. As you probably figured from the name, the 7950 GS will be a bit slower then 7950 GT, and it will be cheaper in order to counter ATI’s X1900’s price.
Comment from Kougar @ 2006/09/27
What the freaking heck!! This is getting beyond absurd... what are they going to do, underclock a 7950GT and keep the 512mb of RAM?

At least ATI is consolidating their offerings or trying to... If nVidia releases a 7950GS, I'm going to hope that R600 is to 8800GTX as the X6800 is to the FX62. :-P