MSI K9N motherboards suffer random shutdowns

@ 2006/09/07
AFTER ASUS and its teetering problems with several AMD based motherboards, Foxconn's 30-minute BIOS reset affair, it seems that MSI also suffered from some headaches in relation to nForce5 chipset. One of the problems is very similar to the MacBook Pro random "Power Off" syndrome which many Apple users endure right now.
Comment from T0mMe @ 2006/09/08
Affected Boards:

K9N SLI-2F (601-7250-080)

K9N Ultra-2F (601-7250-040/601-7250-050)

Not Affected:

K9N SLI-2F (601-7250-090)

K9N Platinum (601-7250-020/070)

K9N SLI Platinum (601-7250-010/060)

K9N Neo-F (601-7260-010)

---->Other K9N models<-----

Comment from Jaco @ 2006/09/08
I have the 'power off' syndrome when selecting anything higher than 1.55vcore (MSI K9N platinum ). When staying below 1,55vcore no problems for me at all , in fcat mine is very stable when you learn it's quirks