Cooler Master Aero 7 Cooler

@ 2003/07/01
Great Cooler !!!! => Don't think so.

A while ago I bought that aero 7, a great cooler indeed …. but 4 week later it got stuck. Some parts just melted.
I went to the store to get another one and again 6 weeks later it did just the same, all smelly and stuff.
Had few probs with my motherboard and processor afterwards.

The experimental vertical cooler isn’t such a good idea I guess.

At the end I bought myself an Xdream.
Comment from MTfreak @ 2003/07/03
I contacted cooler master about this and they confirmed that I should receive a aero 7+ in return.

The local store where I bought it doesn't know about this and refuses to give me the + version.

Talking about bad service.

I mailed colorcase about this problem and they told me that they can trade my cooler with the + version even if I didn't by it at their store.

Comment from Scyver @ 2003/07/01

en yep nederlands is goed..
Comment from MTfreak @ 2003/07/01
Could somebody give me the e-mail adres of their costumer service?
Do they have a departement in Belgium? so I can write in dutch.
Comment from Scyver @ 2003/07/01
I lost the knob of my X-Dream, mailed them for a new one and it was 3 days later allready found in my mailbox.

Just to say, they have a great service..
Comment from jmke @ 2003/07/01
indeed, contact their support service
Comment from Scyver @ 2003/07/01
mail directly to Coolermaster
Comment from MTfreak @ 2003/07/01
And what can I do if the store refuses to change it with an aero 7+?
Comment from jmke @ 2003/07/01
RichyB is correct, Coolermaster is replacing all faulty Aero 7 heatsink/fan combo's with their latest 7+, free of charge
Comment from RichBa5tard @ 2003/07/01
The Aero 7 has been replaced by the aero 7+ for some weeks now. The newer version doesn't have this malfunction. You're entiteld to a new Aero 7+.