DFI confirms ATI RD600 for Conroe + photos of nForce 590 SLI IE

@ 2006/07/25
Yesterday as most men and their dogs know, AMD and ATI announced their intentions to join forces and create a “Processing Powerhouse”. We won’t see any products from the new company utilizing both AMD and ATI technology until 2008 however already Intel have apparently already stated that they won’t be making life easy for AMD. We published a news story yesterday from Charlie over at The INQ which said that Intel will not renew ATI’s license after this year to produce chipsets for the Intel processor platform
Comment from jmke @ 2006/07/26
max FSB doesn't seem to be 100% related to mobo, but also to Core 2 revision; newer revision 2Mb Conroe seems to get higher FSB than older 4Mb Conroe models
Comment from Rutar @ 2006/07/26
for that cooling I expect 500 FSB all the time
Comment from goingpostale1 @ 2006/07/26
The aluminum heatsink on the northbridge is certainly ugly in contrast to the one on the southbridge. Not that it matters, but if im paying $200 for a mobo it had better look good.
Comment from Rutar @ 2006/07/25
Comment from jmke @ 2006/07/25
*kuch* that photo is from nForce 590 SLI Intel
Comment from Rutar @ 2006/07/25
I see TWO chipset fans!!!!

ATI chipset leadership, yeah right Inquirer noobs
Comment from jmke @ 2006/07/25
Why isn't DFI including decent SILENT cooling on their high end lanparty motherboards? the first thing that goes out if you're looking for silence or maximum overclock are the "bog standard" chipset coolers