Microsoft races to meet European fine deadline

@ 2006/07/03
For nearly three months, Microsoft says, 300 of its engineers have been working nearly nonstop to come up with the documentation for its server software that the European Commission has sought since an antitrust ruling in 2004.

After two years of dragging its heels--at least in the view of the commission's antitrust staff--Microsoft is now presenting itself as productive and cooperative. The commission's threat of another fine on the company is driving the last-minute frenzy.

But the commission's vote on the fine, which if assessed in full would total about 420 million euros ($527 million), may come just before Microsoft crosses the finish line.
Comment from Sidney @ 2006/07/03
Source: Microsoft not complying with EU

An EU committee ruled on Monday that Microsoft failed to comply with a landmark antitrust decision, paving the way for fines of up to 2 million euros ($2.56 million) a day, a source familiar with the situation said.