Zalman CNPS8000 Low-Profile CPU Cooler

@ 2006/07/03
The numbers in the testing section don't lie: this unit cools fantastically. Zalman has truly made the CNPS8000 so it lives up to their claims regarding cooling capability and noise reduction. If you're looking for these features in a CPU cooler but are on a budget, the Zalman CNPS8000 may just be for you.
Comment from jmke @ 2006/07/03
performance was tested outside a case as far as I can see; since this is a low profile cooler, it should be tested in a low profile case I have my work cut out for me
Comment from piotke @ 2006/07/03
Lol, it didn't cross his mind to turn the cooler so that the heatpipes wouldn't touch the ram ?
Comment from Jaco @ 2006/07/03
Jmke ,
I guess you're right.
But the Zalman website doesn't mention AM2 ...
only S940 (which could mean AM2 as well - very confusing to me)
Comment from jmke @ 2006/07/03
it is not? it uses 2 clips of the K8 bracket, those clips are also on the AM2 bracket... so..
Comment from Jaco @ 2006/07/03
too bad this cooler isn't compatible with AM2.