Preview: Introducing the MeVo Series

@ 2006/06/27
My plan is now being set in motion. Days later, in a fancy restaurant just outside of Best Buy, I tell my wife how cool TiVo is. By the look on her face, I can tell this is going to be a tough sell. This is the same look she shot me when I bought four cases of pork & beans. “But you can pause Days of Our Lives while you feed the baby.” I’m scraping moral rock bottom by playing the baby card, but I want that damn TiVo. She’s starting to cave, so I slowly spill the details. Oh crap! Did I just mention the subscription fee? Now I’m explaining why you have to pay a monthly fee to TiVo so they can track which shows you watch and make recommendations for OTHER shows you might like. Even as the words spill out of my mouth, I get a little angry at TiVo for this questionable service which has now gone up to $14/month. “Oh my God! My TiVo thinks I’m gay!” comes to mind from King of Queens.

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