3D Realms Won't Rush Duke Nukem Forever

@ 2006/06/14
3D Realms' outspoken president trashes rumors that development of the long-delayed shooter will be accelerated to reap a $500,000 payment from Take-Two.

Comment from jmke @ 2006/06/14
on /. they are having quite a laugh at this..

"Weirder still is the fact that Duke Nukem Forever has taken more time to create than NASA took to design & build a pair of robots, fly them to Mars, and drive them around for a year."

"You mean it's possible to rush Duke Nukem Forever at this point????"


"Boy. Theres a shocker headline.
Right up there with "A new study shows that Men like to have sex" and "The sun is expected to rise in the morning"

Wait. Im being handed a piece of paper. Holy Cow! Breaking news! "Companys like free publicity!"