I am convinced AMD will buy ATI

@ 2006/06/06
I AM NOW UTTERLY convinced that AMD will buy or merge with ATI, and I am also nearly as convinced that it will happen as soon as Computex, which opens today. If someone came to me and said 'Guess what AMD just announced at their conference', I would not be shocked. On the surface it looks insane, but if you stretch your time horizon out more, say to the timelines of chip design, AMD would be sunk if they didn't buy ATI.
Comment from goingpostale1 @ 2006/06/07
After doing a little research I'm with the whole AMD won't buy ATI because they can't afford it idea.
Comment from jmke @ 2006/06/06
TheInq thinks yes, OC.com says no; will be funny to see how this works out
Comment from Sidney @ 2006/06/06
Should this happen, ATI stock will increase and AMD decrease on the day ..... being 6-6-6 today anything could happen.