ATI shows off GPU physics

@ 2006/06/06
Marketing terminology aside, they are supporting Havok with the Havok FX physics on the GPU API. If the numbers they showed today hold up to public scrutiny, ATI may be a day late, but they don't look to be a dollar short.

Under the banner of 'Boundless Gaming' with a fiddler crab pining for Ruby as a mascot, ATI has some compelling points to make with today's launch. First, it was an Intel/ATI launch, and the focus was Conroe and X1900, but there will be an AMD version coming soon enough. With the games that utilize it 6+ months away, it is not a big deal, just PR. ATI showed off asymmetric cards running physics on both Intel and ATI chipsets.
Comment from jmke @ 2006/06/06
very smart to use an exisiting API for physics, that means you can enjoy Havok FX on CPU or GPU without forcing the developers to lock themselves into a one-product deal