Sapphire X1600 PRO in Crossfire Tested

@ 2006/05/24
Crossfire and SLI are a hot topic for gamers and enthusiasts. Last month I took a look at PowerColor X1600 PRO AGP. Not only you can get it for as low as $139, but it comes with 512 MBs of RAM. Just about a week ago, Bjorn took at a look at a similar setup I have today: HIS X1600 PRO IceQ Turbo Crossfire. Obviously not everyone can afford a top of the line Crossfire / SLI setup, but owning a mid-end combo should also give you a good performance kick.

Looking at PowerColor cards most of the time, I've decided to check out what competition has been cooking around. Does Sapphire X1600 PRO Crossfire edition sound any good? Well it should be as it's in my lab today and I promise to give you guys a good insight on it. The good thing is neither the cards use compositing chip which eliminates the need for a master card and additional cabling -- exactly the opposite when it comes to high-end stuff like RADEON X1800 / X1900.

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