Asus P5WD2-E Premium Motherboard

@ 2006/05/24
Asus offers comprehensive technical support to their MB customers. Should you need any support, to start, please visit the Asus Support page here. I recommend registering your new MB as soon as you unpack it. The P5WD2-E is covered by a 3-year standard warranty, see warranty terms here. I strongy suggest visiting the P5WD2-E BIOS page, and updating to the latest version bios.


Asus has set the standard for excellence with the P5WD2-E. The board features support for todays latest Intel Extreme Edition Dual Core processors AND ATI Crossfire. The P5WD2-E overclocked extremely well, reaching FSB of 314mhz with our Pentium D 920, the sky is the limit with a Intel Extreme Edition Processor.

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