AMD AM2 FX62 Overclocking Action

@ 2006/05/23
OPPAINTER found that this FX62 was a pretty good overclocker: "I haven’t had a chance to overclock it on water yet.
First I tested it on my -95C cascade, it lasted all of about 20 seconds, yes it has a cold bug, froze up around -40C
I then put it on my -30C cooler and it ran well. Nice stable speed of 3636MHz. I had to keep my HTT down because of the cold bug so I used the 18 multi, basically 202x18 using 1.58V. The memory was running at 808MHz."
Comment from jmke @ 2006/05/23
they don't have the fabs to produce 65nm en masse I think
Comment from Jaco @ 2006/05/23
I don't think AMD is waiting to release 65nm parts.
Big profits by switching to a smaller process (more cpu's out of the same material) .
And Intel is already using 65nm technology...
Comment from duploxxx @ 2006/05/23
to be expected that the new socket would have the same cold bug ...
we will just have to wait how far the 90nm can be tweeked (strethced) by AMD and see in the near future what 65nm will bring. i think they have some room left for fx64-66 on 90nm, since the upgrade to 125W predefinition (probably for multicore) and the new EE chips. but they just wait (marketing point)