No Price Drop For Microsoft XBOX 360

@ 2006/05/23
Microsoft is the only company that has a next-generation console available for consumers. Even though the Nintendo Wii and Sony PlayStation 3 game consoles will not be available for at least another six months, but that doesn't stop the constant flow of new information and news that is being circulated from all three companies. This time around it is Microsoft announcing that the company has no plans to reduce the price of the XBOX 360 because of the much higher cost of the Sony console.

Comment from jmke @ 2006/05/23
honor to meet the dailytech newposter here

the XBOX360 is already selling at low prices imho if you look at the hardware that is included, the graphics chip alone would cost close to $400 on a dedicated videocard. they add a motherboard, custom build CPUs, hard drive, DVD player and remote control bluethooth units, it's a normal price imho; the XBOX was launched at €500 in Europe, the PS2 also;
Comment from TheTarget @ 2006/05/23
I am honestly surprised how many people thought that a price cut for the Xbox 360 was going to happen after the PlayStation 3 was released. I actually still expect Microsoft to bump the price down a little bit, but not around $100 or so.