14-Way PSU Roundup

@ 2006/05/18
Since our first power supply group test, the quality of the power supplies we are seeing is considerably better. I'd like to think that thanks to the use of proper testing equipment, we amongst other publications have helped to make a difference to how power supplies are perceived and that the manufacturers and resellers have listened.

The quality of the power supplies in this particular test was so good that we’ve actually recommended four of them, depending on your needs. Although some of these aren’t recommended, it doesn’t automaticaly mean that they wouldn’t be fine in your machine – notably the CoolerMaster for instance.
Comment from Rutar @ 2006/05/18
42 pages and what about the noise?
Comment from jmke @ 2006/05/18
42 pages... seriously... 42 pages and no quick access or overview, no print view. :/