Club 3D releases Aqua1900: high performance water block for ATI X1800 and 1900 Series

@ 2006/05/18
Club 3D has developed the CQA-X1900 in conjunction with Aqua Computer, being the highest performing water cooler to date for all X1900X/1800 VGA cards.

With a solid aluminum construction and an innovative spring loaded copper GPU contact, the Club 3D CQA-X1900 water cooler is possibly the most innovative water cooler for the X1900 range of cards currently available on the market and includes Voltage regulator cooling as well as GPU and Memory cooling, basically in true Club 3D style, everything has been thought through to make sure our product is the finest you can buy.


Making sure we have everything covered the CQA-X1900 is supplied with 8/10mm fittings so it will fit with 10mm tubing water cooling system with ease, whilst cooling more efficiently than any other comparable product. Additional fittings are available at
Comment from jmke @ 2006/05/18
System Requirements:
• Radiator for PC watercooling system
• Pump for PC watercooling system
• Tubing 8/10mm for PC watercooling
• Demineralised water for PC watercooling system
• Anti Corrosion liquid for PC watercooling

• Dimensions: 150x109x12.5mm
• Material: Aluminum black anodized
• Fittings: for 8/10mm tubing
• Weight: 430 gr.