Western Digital WD5000KS 500 GB Hard Drive

@ 2006/05/18
Western Digital was the bigger winner at CES, due to the announcement of their 150 GB Raptor and the windowed Raptor X, but they have been relatively quiet since then. This is not that bad of a thing though, WD has been doing very well, at least on the consumer level, and offers some of the most competitive drives currently available. One of these is the focus of this review, the Caviar SE16 WD5000KS 500 GB. Half-terabyte hard drives have been appearing in consumers' dream systems for a few months now, but their price level has put them out of reach to most people. Though they may have a big price tag, they are a great way to consolidate a lot of information onto a single drive or RAID1 array.
Comment from FireTech @ 2006/05/18
Nice but I think the NL35's make more sense for storage raid use, 24/7. Especially as they are now within AU$5 of the WD-SE 500Gb and standard Seagate 7200.9 drives and AU$40 less than the WD-RE!