Tim Sweeney Talks PhysX & UT2007

@ 2006/05/12
For the record, acceleration hardware is supposed to accelerate your framerate, not decrease it! [laughs] That seems like its just a messy tradeoff that they made there. You certainly want your physics hardware to improve your framerate. That means that the physics hardware might in some cases be able to update more objects so you can actually render another frame, so you need to have some sort of rendering LOD scheme for that to manage the object counts, and obviously you don't want to take this ultra fast physics card and plug it into a machine with a crummy video card. You really want to have a great video card to match up with your physics hardware and also a decent CPU to have your system in balance to really be able to take advantage of the full thing.
Comment from Rutar @ 2006/05/12
"The funny thing is very few people in the industry have been willing to come out and say that the Pentium 4 architecture sucks. It sucked all along. Even at the height of it's sucking, when it was running at 3.6GHz and not performing as well as a 2GHz AMD64... People were reluctant to say it sucked... so IT SUCKS!"

Comment from Rutar @ 2006/05/12
lets face it, our A64 dualcore CPUs pwn way too much and we are addicted to high resolution, AA and AF

Somethign that lowers the load on the CPU won't help at all.
Comment from Ranzy @ 2006/05/12
True, but I'm sure some advertisement slogans did say that back in the Voodoo era...
Comment from jmke @ 2006/05/12
yes but a videocard does not claim to change gameplay by adding better physics effects to make the experience more immersive
Comment from Ranzy @ 2006/05/12
Same can be said about any videocard though, just more eyecandy, nothing more...
Comment from jmke @ 2006/05/12
Anywhere from explosions to have physically interacating particles... we are also looking at fluid effects to see where we can use those, gee, blood spurts sound like they might be a good candidate! Alot of other special effects like that, where they dont affect the core gameplay,
so you shell out on a $200 add-on card and end up with an unaltered gameplay experience... niiiiiiiiiiiiiceeeeee.