Is The Playstation 3 Dead In The Water?

@ 2006/05/12
For a while, it looked like Sony had an unbeatable console in the Playstation 3. At their E3 2005 press conference last year, they first showed off the console along with a few tech demos, a playable early version of Unreal Tournament 2007, and a number of game concept videos. Everyone who attended that conference thought that the PS3 would easily be the champion of the next-gen console wars, despite the year head start of Microsoft's Xbox 360 and the low price and low development costs of Nintendo's Revolution. How times have changed.
Comment from jmke @ 2006/05/12
Wake up and smell the coffee, the PS2 was also launched at $600. The name Playstation is widely known, unlike XBOX and Wii.

When the PS3 becomes available you might be surprised by its success, despite this rather disappointing show ing at E3.