More AMD M2 motherboards from different companies at CTS 2006

@ 2006/05/12
I'm sure it won't surprise any of you to learn that one thing dominated the majority of AMD's stand at CTS - Socket AM2. With the launch of AMD's socket change and move to DDR 2 memory only weeks away now, there was plenty of focus on motherboard's featuring this new socket type throughout the various stands at the show. Nowhere was this better demonstrated however than the almost literal wall of motherboards on show at the AMD stand.
Comment from FireTech @ 2006/05/13
Mmmm, just noticed over at DailyTech that the ASUS M2R32-MVP Deluxe WILL now ship with the SB600 and not the Uli SB as previously stated at trade shows, so maybe ATI have got production fixed! Maybe it's abit that are just too slow?
Comment from FireTech @ 2006/05/13
ATI need to get those SB600's produced quick-smart or they'll lose out to nVidia big time in the months after the AM2 launch. Only Sapphire exhibiting and abits AT9 32X launch in September = Too Late!