HiS Radeon X1800 GTO

@ 2006/05/10
Suffice to say that HiS now has an excellent mid-range performer in the market that offers seriously good bang for your hard earned bucks. As stated pretty much all games can be played at really good resolutions, you are no longer bound to a 1024x768 resolution in the mid-range segment of products.
Comment from Laagvliegerke @ 2006/05/16
You're right!

But I'm not a real gamer anymore. I play some games but almost no shooters anymore. So maybe a 7600GT with an Arctic Silencer is a better choice.
Comment from jmke @ 2006/05/16
you can get a 7900GT for that price almost
Comment from Laagvliegerke @ 2006/05/15
I just found out this card costs €300 here.
Comment from Rutar @ 2006/05/10
AC sems to have lost a big OEM customer because they failed to make a heatpipe silencer instead of the accellero and HIS failed to get a decent quality fan (considering the Accellero at 100% is pretty dam quiet and I doubt you need monster airflow for this card)
Comment from Laagvliegerke @ 2006/05/10
Yes, a 7600GT is fast but with AA and AF enabled, the X1800 GTO perfoms as good as a 7600GT. And if you are lucky and your X1800 GTO is flashable to an X1800 XL, 4 more pipelines are unlocked.
But a maybe a 7600GT is indeed the best option. A bit cheaper and less heat production.
Comment from jmke @ 2006/05/10
7600GT is very cool, literaly, generates little heat and is faster in most games compared to X1800GTO.
Comment from Laagvliegerke @ 2006/05/10
Yep, I've seen this one on a German site earlier this week. This one is on my wish-list! Well, if this price is OK (read: not much higer then a 7600GT)
The silent cooler is ideal for my SFF PC although 42 dBa isn't very quiet. I think a 7600GT can be cooled with less noise... AVIVO is also very nice and it seems like the X1800 GTO is flashable to an X1800XL.... But a 7600GT is less power hungry and produces less heat... *Sigh*