ECS 945G-M3 Motherboard

@ 2006/05/10
Well, in the end, the integrated video did take a hit out of the overall performance, but not enough of one to slow this machine down all too far. For the money, the 945G-M3 proves to be a good investment for your basic machine, one that'll need to be running day in and day out, all while being able to come out of the corners with a decent amount of speed to boot. Thanks to the all passive cooling, if you're using this in conjunction with a quiet CPU cooler, there will be little need to worry about the machine's unending din distracting you. On top of that, if you had HTPC duty in mind, the ability to use 2GB of memory, a rough 2TB of storage, and triple tuners (or even more!), you can indeed hook this board up to your VGA compliment TV for one heck of a multimedia experience. Thus, at work or at play, the 945G-M3 can satisfy most basic users, but when it comes to us enthusiasts, those little bits that are lacking are true deal breakers.

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