Corsair TWIN2X1024-8500 1GB Memory Kit

@ 2006/05/10
While at first glance people might think of the TWINX1024-8500
kit as only for those rich enough to afford 1066MHz FSB processors
(think Extreme Edition)...those people would be dead wrong. The Corsair
TWINX1024-850 DDR2 memory kit is without a doubt the most versatile
memory you can find. With latencies ranging from 3-3-3-9 @ PC6100 to
5-5-5-15 @ PC8500, as well as the industry's highest stock clock speed,
Corsair has (as usual) set the standard by which all high performance
memory kits are judged.
With AMD making the jump to DDR2 in about a month, as well as the
eagerly anticipated coming out party of INTEL's Conroe processors, the
TWINX1024-8500 DDR2 memory kit should be on the short list of anyone who
settles for nothing but the best.

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