Connect3D & Sapphire Radeon X1900GT

@ 2006/05/10
At the end of last month, we got word from ATI that the massively delayed Radeon X1800XT had reached its end of life a mere five months after its initial availability. It was rumoured at the time that it would be replaced by a new addition Radeon X1900 family, the Radeon X1900GT. This suggestion was supported by the fact that this card was found on sale for $370 (around £250 including VAT) in the US last week. Some online retailers still stock Radeon X1800XTs and will continue to until stocks run dry. However, we now know that the Radeon X1900GT is ATI's X1800XT replacement.

It is designed to compete head-to-head with NVIDIA's GeForce 7900 GT and is expected to fit into the very attractive sub-£250 market. Enthusiasts are constantly looking for the best price-performance deal available on the market and that typically comes in the £200-250 price bracket. The cards that fit into this price range often have the same features as both NVIDIA and ATI's high end solutions, just with lower clock speeds. This allows enthusiasts to potentially get close-to-flagship performance for a fraction of the price after a bit of overclocking.

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