Merom against Yonah: Overclocking Duel

@ 2006/05/06
So, We are no surprise that T7400 is better than T2600 under same speed. However, there are FSB limited for it. For T2600 we can easy overclocking to FSB250 but for Merom the max FSB is about 225. We don't know why it is happening. However, Merom is not design for high FSB as Conroe. It is not surprise that FSB is hard to push. From 2.16G we success to reach 2.92G is about 700MHz gain and voltage from 1.2v 2.16G to 1.4v stable at 2.92G. The price we are not yet know but T7600 166 * 14 should be around $650 USD we believe. Conroe 2.66G is about the same also. Once it comes out, a lot of crazy overclockers will jump into this for sure.
Comment from jmke @ 2006/05/06