Havok Sounds Off On Ghost Recon AGEIA Physics

@ 2006/05/04
Game physics software engine company Havok has decided to go on the offensive and take on some claims on the newly released PC version of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, which is the first game to support the AGEIA physics processor.
Comment from jmke @ 2006/05/04
from the Hexus preview

While it's impressive the first few times you witness it, you soon spot the illusion and the smaller particles not persisting ruins the realism. Videos abound on the big wide interweb (Shrouty has a couple of good ones, here) of the GR:AW effects in action, using the PPU, if you want to see it moving (always the best way). It's OOH-worthy the first few times, but that's about it. In your author's opinion of course.
from havoc

AGEIA Novodex is said to be used in the single-player GRAW version for added PPU-accelerated effects – at the most AGEIA appears to be used for particle effects – and in no-way affects game-play outcome. AGEIA is NOT used in any way in any GRAW sku other than the PC.