Koolance PC4-1025BK Water-cooled Server Case

@ 2006/05/01
Thanks to one of our best and most reliable sponsors, I've had the ultimate pleasure of taking a thorough look at a number of Koolance products over the past couple of years, including their water-cooled cases and internal kits. What I particularly liked, was that Koolance does take note of each review in order to improve their product. This has been the case in the past and they have managed to address almost all of what I did not particularly like. But is this the case with their latest product? Well, most may not be aware of yet, but Koolance has just released their next gen watercooled chassis that not only is said to boosts cooling performance, but does have some interesting changes that may or may not please a majority. I have the pleasure of looking at one of the cases in their new product line, the PC4-1025. Is their latest flagship product really worth the high price tag? Let's take a thorough look and see...

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