Pirates in China faked NEC Company and Copied their products

@ 2006/04/27
Pirates in China didn't just copy NEC's products, they faked the entire company. "Evidence seized in raids on 18 factories and warehouses in China and Taiwan over the past year showed that counterfeiters had set up what amounted to a parallel NEC brand."
Comment from Shogun @ 2007/12/22
Even though this is rather crusty news, the sophistication of Chinese pirates never ceases to amaze me! Since it looks like 99 percent of downloaded music in China is pirated, and the government doesn't want to do anything to stop it, the pirates will continue to have extremely high rates of success in the future.
Comment from jmke @ 2007/12/22
they have been busted for more than a year now, check original post date;-
Comment from Rutar @ 2007/12/22
Could this be the reason for a lot of faulty 26 WuXi displays being sold?
Comment from Sidney @ 2007/12/22
So weird they invented gun powder, fine porcelain (called China), silk, first earthquake detection device and many more; So weird that almost all PC hardwares are made in that country today.

The are not weird my friend; they are commies, and don't quite follow the global trade laws in their own ways. In their eyes, you are as much weird to them as they are to you.
Comment from paradox @ 2007/12/22
what the f..?
Weird chinese people...
Comment from jmke @ 2006/04/27
uhm... it was first, $1 Copies of Windows XP for sale in China since who knows how long..

recently Bill Gates met with China's Hu to discuss this: http://news.com.com/Chinas+Hu+meets+...3-6062620.html
Comment from Sidney @ 2006/04/27
Organized crime in the 21st Century. Will enterprise software be next?