Power Outage causes PSU to go up in smoke

@ 2006/04/26
The power supplies in the affected machines had largely blown capacitors and burnt PCBs. While The BoxHeads had proudly replaced all damaged components, today we have a few photos to share
Comment from jort @ 2006/04/26
not everyone needs badluck

yeah crap, i hope my psu from my laptop doesn't smoke
Comment from Sidney @ 2006/04/26
It's a major flaw when the over load protection circuit does not work when needed.
Comment from jmke @ 2006/04/26
lucky it didn't kill your whole system; those Pelts were the reason your PSU crashed btw
Comment from jort @ 2006/04/26

happend with me too, just overload i guess

no-name 400W psu for about 35 euro's

P4 2.6 northwood with 50W pelt(just a test ^^)
2X 200gb maxtor sata hdd
ati 9800 pro oc with 50Wpelt
and some 120mm and 80mm fans.

psu just blew up in smoke after some hours of intensive game of farcry
Comment from wutske @ 2006/04/26
it's strange that such things can happens, modern PSU's have a lot of protections built-in that should cause it to power-down
Comment from jmke @ 2006/04/26
TerAngreal had the same thing happen at a LAN, his mobo/cpu/ram/vga card all fried, only 1x Raptor survived.
Comment from wutske @ 2006/04/26
ouch ...