NVIDIA DLSS 3 Coming to Wuthering Waves and Black Myth: Wukong

@ 2024/07/10
More than 500 games and applications feature RTX technologies, and many new games integrating NVIDIA DLSS, NVIDIA Reflex and advanced ray-traced effects are released or announced each month, delivering the definitive PC experience for GeForce RTX players. Today, we can confirm that Wuthering Waves will be upgrading to DLSS 3 later this year, multiplying performance for GeForce RTX gamers. And our new Black Myth: Wukong GeForce RTX 40 Series bundle is available now ahead of the eagerly anticipated game's August 20th release. Also, Bears In Space and The Black Pool recently launched with DLSS 3, adding to our ever-growing catalog of RTX games and applications.

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