SiliconIntervention Patents High-Efficiency Fractal Class-D Audio Amplifier

@ 2024/07/10
SiliconIntervention, a design services company based in Kelowna, British Columbia, has introduced a new architecture for audio processing to enhance efficiency and reduce power consumption in wearable devices. The company's Fractal-D audio amplifier IPs is based on their New Analog design platform and uses standard CMOS processes, requiring no specialized manufacturing steps. CTO Martin Mallinson emphasizes the importance of improved efficiency and extended battery life in wearables. He notes that while standard H Bridge Class-D amplifiers achieve 80-90% efficiency at 1 W output, they typically drop to 30-40% at 10 mW. The Fractal-D architecture purportedly maintains high efficiency across both power levels, potentially extending battery life in devices like earbuds and earphones.

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