Live for Speed update coming this month!

@ 2006/04/20
Hello LFS Racers!

We are pleased to announce that there will be an important S2 update this month!

While we finish the patch, we will post some info and a picture or two about a new feature or update, each day.

Comment from jmke @ 2006/06/29
I tried the game at Bicker's place with a worn out FF wheel and it was still quite enjoyable, would make sure though that there IS still FF on that wheel, without it, it's not really the same
Comment from deronny @ 2006/06/28

what do you think of the following deal.

a friend of mine is offering me a microsoft force feedback wheel at 25 euros, i'd like to use it for live for speed purposes.

what do you think of the price,
should i buy a new wheel instead,
plz give me your opinion ?
Comment from jmke @ 2006/04/21
it's here!

Included the BMW Sauber racing car
Improved the slipstream simulation
Improvements in tyre and car physics
Graphics option : Use compressed skins
Included Spanish training translations
Replay speed (F2) minimum is now 0.125
Traction control added to FZ50 road car
Updated translator names on credits page
Longer start delay if more players in race
Gear shift levers no longer hold the clutch
Pit speed limiter now visible on remote cars
Better dashboard on Formula XR and Formula V8
French and Russian keys guides (in docs folder)
InSim NLP and MCI packets now support 2000 laps
Small changes to the mass and power of some cars
15:4 screen ratio now detected as a 3-screen mode

FIX : Wing angle bug causing physics exploit
FIX : Command line /hours=x is now implemented
FIX : Bug in haze effect, now usable in tv cameras
FIX : Bug in demo /ban function with coloured names
FIX : After driver change - timing info not visible
FIX : Qualifying could end up to 6 seconds too early
FIX : Pasting long line of text would make LFS crash
FIX : LFSW lap times bounded to 1 hour to avoid wrap
FIX : Could sometimes teleport after a driver change
FIX : Changing tyre type, warmed to wrong temperature
FIX : Could get stuck in pits when changing fuel load
FIX : Mudguards and brakes vanish when changing plate
Comment from jmke @ 2006/04/20
Take a good look at this Intel commercial... what game is that?